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My Studio

Stav Borovich is an artist living in beautiful Botetourt County in southwest Virginia. Stav has been promoting and marketing  her art for the last 10 years . The artist gets a lot of her inspiration for her paintings from the beautiful, stunning  nature around her and from places around the country and the world. 

“I love to incorporate a lot of detail in my paintings so most of my work reflect a lot of realism. I usually paint what I love, and my favorite medium is watercolor. I have developed a deep appreciation for this medium and the more I work with it, the more  I love it.”

Stav is a member of the Virginia Watercolor Society. She actively markets  her art in local festivals and farmers markets, and promotes most of her  collections on her website. Her collections include  original watercolor paintings, art prints, handmade art pendants and earrings, notecards and t-shirts. The artist focuses on high quality fine art reproductions which are professionally  printed on premium and luxurious award winning fine art papers. 

The artist’s favorite quote is by Pablo Picasso. Picasso has brilliantly summed up the meaning and importance of art in our everyday lives with the following quote: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Stav's hope is that her paintings wash away a little dust of everyday life and bring a bright and hopeful message to humankind. 

You can find the artist's work at area galleries in Roanoke and Clifton Forge and at the Explore Park gift shop on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Please contact the artist via email  if you are interested in representing her.